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These spicy bois are another "Tears for Beers" collab with Toronto-based flavour purveyors Smoke & Tears. Each set contains four 4oz bottles.

Mighty Eagle + Fermented Habanero HABANERO WRATH

This is a bold, funky, and fragrant hot sauce. Instant scorching heat meets flavours that are deep, balanced, umami-rich with a lingering burn, balanced salinity, and mild acidity.

Small-batch, vegan, nut & dairy-free

Heat Factor: 7/10

Paradise Lost Spice Cherry + Habanero Smoulder HABANERO WRATH

Expect a sweet & tart palate awakening, rounding heat, smoke whisper, and warm winter spices.

Small-batch, vegan, nut & dairy-free

Heat Factor: 4/10

Shumei + Ontario Peaches + Smoked Habanero HABANERO WRATH

This sauce is ripe & spicy. Enjoy the rolling heat, gentle smoke, IPA earthiness that brings depth and balance to a backbone of vibrant & bright Ontario peaches.

Small-batch, vegan, nut & dairy-free

Heat Factor: 5/10

Black Hand  Habanero Wrath BRIDGE BURNER BBQ

Expect funky spices, rich sweetness and rolling heat. It is spice-heavy with deep umami sweetness.

Small-batch, vegan, nut & dairy-free

Heat Factor: 6/10