TINY IPA • IPA w/ Nelson Sauvin, El Dorado & Lotus • 4.0% ABV
We teamed up with Momofuku to bring you a beer for the IPA drinker with chores to finish. We've packed in a hefty dose of Nelson Sauvin, El Dorado and Lotus to give you an IPA experience at 4%. This smooth and refreshing beer boasts flavours of white grapes, tropical fruit and bright citrus.
$13.95 • 4-pack 355mL Cans
TRANSHUMAN • Pilsner-ish w/ H. Blanc & Cashmere • 5% ABV
Transhuman (formerly Trans Human State)  is our ongoing experimentation with the world of Lagered beers. We have magnified the bitterness to balance perfectly with a soft mouthfeel and bready malt backbone, then dry-hopped this brew with Hallertau Blanc and Cashmere to provide aromas and flavours of fresh lemon, lime, and a touch of melon. This is an evolved beer at the pinnacle of flavour achievement, and one we are quite proud of.
$13.50 • 4-pack 355mL Cans
More yeast forward than most interpretations of the style, Inner Eye Pale Ale features floral and citrusy hop aromas with tropical fruit esters from a unique strain of yeast.
$4.75 • 473mL Tall Can
ANOINTED • Pale Ale w/ Citra and Mosaic • 6.0% ABV

Anointed is our newest pale ale: we’ve used only our hand selected new hops from the current crop year as a way of showcasing the new flavours that these hops provide. Expect notes of citrus (orange), mango and hints of pineapple and blueberry.
$5.25 • 473mL Tall Can
BLOOD LIGHT • Session Pale Ale • 4% ABV
This pale ale features a bold tropical fruit aroma, a result of being jam-packed with juicy Citra and El Dorado hops. The soft but assertive bitterness is balanced by a healthy dose of flaked oats and wheat in the grain bill.
$12.95 • 4-pack 355mL Cans
IPA w/ Cryo Cascade, Idaho 7 & Sabro • 7% ABV
Let Blood Brothers facilitate the widening of your spiritual horizons and celebrate your future expansion with a trio of hops specially selected for this journey that starts in the West and ends in the East.  Our exacting selection and careful mixing of Cascade, Idaho and Sabro create the soft aura of papaya, pineapple and coconut with a touch of west coast pine . Eager psychonauts need only apply.
$5.50 • 473 mL Tall Can
DEVIL'S TRILL XXX: BUILT TO TRILL • IIPA w/ Mosaic, Sequoia & Simcoe • 8.5% ABV
This is one secret we will not keep! For this Trill edition we salute not only our current favourite hops but also tip our cap (and glass) to one of the greatest bands to ever walk this green earth. Notes of stone and tropical fruit, pine & citrus peel abound as we forever endeavour to be perfect from now on, at least that’s the plan.
$18.50 • 4-pack 355mL Cans
BLOODVAR • Pilsner-ish • 5% ABV

Reacquaint yourself with our flagship crisp sipper: our summer pils is back! While the world was taking a break, we reworked our Bloodvar to be closer to a classic Czech style, with its full, soft body of bready malts and a heft punch of Saaz hops for harmony. The ultimate refresher after a long day working for the man.
$13.50 • 4-pack 355mL Cans
BLOOD 5.0 • Ale • 5% ABV
A collaboration and sporting challenge with our friends at Town Brewery, our Blood 5.0 is our response to the question “What would you like to drink at your favourite dive bar?”. We took the ingredients from one of our nostalgic go-to beers, sourced the best quality ingredients and amplified a few things to give you the experience you always wanted. The resulting ale is a full-bodied, lightly fruity, lightly malted and easily crushable brew that dunks on its inspiration. We may have just kicked off a domestic beer revolution over here at Blood Brothers and you have been given front row seats.
$3.95 • 473mL Tall Can
SOMEWHERE • Sour IPA w/ Pineapple, Mango, Mosaic, Sequoia & Simcoe • 7% ABV
For the second year in a row, we have collaborated with our pals at Nickel Brook Brewing to bring you "Somewhere" & "Over The Rainbow". Two unique beers, brewed in celebration of Pride Month, the LGBTQI+ community and Rainbow Railroad, the latter who help LGBTQI+ people escape persecution and violence around the world, and to whom a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this beer will be donated.
We have strategically blended our Paradise Lost sour base with an IPA bursting with tropical aromas. We amped up this blend with a healthy dose of mango and pineapple to make an over-the-top summer treat. Expect bold aromas of pineapple with velvety smooth mango on the palate. The acid from the sour base amplifies these flavours and the hops from the IPA complete this all inclusive vacation package.
$6.50 • 473mL Tall Can
CUNNING OF HAND 3 • IPA w/ Citra (Spectrum), El Dorado & El Dorado (Cryo) • 6.5% ABV
Cunning of Hand is an IPA standing at the forefront of brewing evolution: by experimenting with new technology at the leading edge of science, while keeping one foot still in the traditional brewing world, a vital new practice is being forged.    
This edition’s smooth bitterness keeps the balance steady while letting the OJ shine, with a medley of citrus fruits and tropical fruits filling out the flavour profile, all while boasting a beautiful, bright straw colour and fulfilling the promise of its name.
$17.75 • 4-pack 355mL Cans
MOMENT OF CLARITY • West Coast IPA w/ Citra, Simcoe & Columbus • 6.5% ABV
 This edition is soft on the palate but with a classic dank West Coast hop profile.  We’ve perfectly balanced the bitterness without fatiguing the palate, as a voluptuous citrus headwind melds with a touch of stone fruit before retreating, making way for the perfect kiss of pine on the follow-through. A monumental beer.
$5.50 • 473mL Tall Can


WERECAT - Barrel Aged Sour Brown Ale • 8.7% ABV
We brewed this sour brown ale with Belgian caramel malts and laid it to rest in second use bourbon barrels. Aromas of caramel and tobacco are complimented by clean acidity and oak on the palate.
$14.00 • 500mL Bottle
FALL OF THEBES RIESLING • Barrel-Aged Wild Ale w/ Fruit • 7.5% ABV
Our latest Fall of Thebes was blended in neutral oak barrels and then matured for 12-18 months in quiet contemplation.  We then re-fermented the glorious brew on Riesling grape skins, stems and juice for 3 months and naturally carbonated the results in bottle.  Expect high carbonation, dry finish and medium to high acidity.
$14.00 • 500mL Bottle
DARK & SOUR (2021) - Barrel Aged Sour Stout • 10.8% ABV
This “barrel room” recipe uses wild yeast and sour beers blended and aged 12-16 months in neutral oak barrels, then added to a wagonload of whole cherries to mingle for another two months, before bottle conditioning to perfection in a cozy section of our brewery.
The final Dark & Sour stout marries the ultimate flavour combination of sour cherries and dark chocolate, all with a kiss of sweetness, like a Valentines Day of the palate.
$16.00 • 500mL Bottle
BEAR WORSHIP - NECTARINE (2022) - Barrel Aged Golden Sour Ale • 6.5% ABV
This series is an ongoing experimentation of left-of-center ideas coming from our barrel room and a continuing celebration of things that hibernate. This recipe is a blend of 12-16 month Brett and Golden Sour beers aged in neutral oak barrels. We added to this blend an enormous amount of local Ontario grown nectarines for another two months of slumber and bottle conditioning to ensure pure perfection. Expect a draught of dry and funky, with a medium to high acidity. Other notes, according to the powers on high: “delicious AF”. Guess that pretty much says it all.
$14.00 • 500mL Bottle
BLOOD BROS x MESSOREM: ESTIVATION • Barrel Aged Sour w/ Pineapple, Mango & Citra • 8% ABV
For this collaboration with our friends at Messorem, we searched our barrel collection for the perfect combination of potential flavour catalysts and came up with five barrels that were perfect for our vision. We then dry hopped with Citra for bio transformation magic and conditioned our blend on mango and pineapple for 5 months. Bottle conditioning was a necessity for those for lively, natural bubbles. Expect a medium acidity, a good funk with mango support, and a nice pineapple top end.
$15 • 500mL Bottle
PARADISE LOST - GUAVA • Sour Ale w/Guava •  6.9% ABV

“Calling all summer weather: report to Ontario, please.” Our Paradise Lost Guava is a golden sour ale re-fermented with heaps of Guava nectar and is a juicy, fruit-forward brew with a lingering tropical fruit aftertaste. A near-perfect drink for the sweltering days to come.
$6.50 • 473mL Tall Can
NARCOSATANICOS • Tequila Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale w/ Citrus • 8.2% ABV
Our  farmhouse ale was aged for one year in tequila barrels and then conditioned on citrus fruit, creating a bright, funky and effervescent treat.
$13.00 • 500mL Bottle
WHITE LIES - NELSON & SIMCOE • Sour Ale w/ White Wine Blend, Nelson & Simcoe • 6.9% ABV
Our hybrid sour ale, White Lies is refermented on a white grape blend and dry hopped with our favourite hops, boosting the aroma to perfectly compliment the wine base. No lie: this brew is the ultimate thirst quencher of the summer.
$6.95 • 473mL Tall Can
Spontaneous Blend w/ Sweet Dark Cherries • 6% ABV
Lazarus Syndrome is our homage to spontaneous fermentation. A product unique to our brewery that can never be replicated. The flavour of this blend is connected to the terroir at our brewery and the spaces we bring our coolship. Our goal with this series is to offer distinctive flavour profiles that are a result of our geographic location. Spontaneous blends that are unrepeatable and deeply complex. For this rendition of Lazarus Syndrome, we blended spontaneously fermented beers aged for up to 3 years in barrels. We then conditioned the beer on sweet dark cherries for 6 months and bottle conditioned for another 6 months. Expect deep cherry flavours complimented with leather, funk and bright acidity.
$16 • 500mL Bottle
PARADISE LOST - SOURSOP LYCHEE • Sour Ale w/ Soursop, Lychee & Sabro Dry Hop • 6.9% ABV
This version of Paradise Lost sports a golden body, a bright acidity and aromas of citrus and white wine. This perfect combo of soursop and sabro hops give the body smoothness and a slight caress of coconut upon the palate. Right about the time you’ve forgotten about the lychee, it comes around the corner and slaps you across the tongue. Exciting? Damn right it is.
$6.50 • 473mL Tall Can
AUTOPOP - TAHITIAN TREAT • Sour Ale w/ Cherries & Tahitian Treat • 4% ABV
Our experimental low ABV sour series Autopop is back! This rendition was fermented on sweet cherries and conditioned on Tahitian Treats. Expect a touch of sweetness with a restrained sour finish.
$5.25 • 473mL Tall Can


BLACK HAND • Stout • 7.0%  ABV
Brewed with cocoa husk and a complex combination of roasted malts, this bold stout is rich and full bodied with layers of chocolate and espresso.
$5.50 • 473ml tall can
GUILTY REMNANT • White Stout w/ Coffee, Vanilla & Lactose • 6.0% ABV
This "white stout” is brewed with all of the elements of a traditional stout without any roasted malts. Instead, we infuse this decadent, full bodied ale with vanilla and locally roasted coffee to provide delightful aromas of coffee and white chocolate.
$4.50 • 473mL Tall Can


HOLY  GHOST - CHERRY LIMEADE • Hard Seltzer w/ Cherry & Lime • 5.0% ABV
This ain’t your grandma’s seltzer! This round of Holy Ghost was fermented on cherries and lime: expect a full flavoured, off-dry and juicy seltzer, the perfect compliment to a summer’s day or night. Maybe even both
$3.25 • 355mL Can

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