Our patio will be serving draught from Wednesday to Sunday
1:00pm to 11:00pm


BLOOD LIGHT : Session Pale Ale • 4.5% ABV
8 oz $4 / 12 oz $6
This pale ale features a bold tropical fruit aroma, a result of being jam-packed with juicy Citra and El Dorado hops. The soft but assertive bitterness is balanced by a healthy dose of flaked oats and wheat in the grain bill.

INNER EYE : North American Pale Ale • 5.5% ABV
8 oz $4.25 / 12 oz 6.25
More yeast forward than most interpretations of the style, Inner Eye Pale Ale features floral and citrusy hop aromas with tropical fruit esters from a unique strain of yeast.

SHUMEI : North American IPA • 7% ABV
8 oz $4.5 / 12 oz $6.25
A hybrid of west coast and north-eastern style IPAs. Assertive bitterness with citrus and pine combined with the juicy qualities of north-eastern style pale ales.
KEG DEALS & KICK BACKS - Pale Ale w/ H. Blanc, Cashmere & Galaxy • 5.5% ABV
8 oz $4.75 / 12 oz $7
Welcome to another rendition of our experimental pale ale series. This batch is full bodied and smooth. We dry hopped generously with H.Blanc, Cashmere and Galaxy. Expect punchy flavours of ripe Peach and Melon with a restrained bitterness.


8 oz $5.25 / 12 oz 7.5
Another festive beer in our Paradise Lost series. We aged our golden sour base on fresh Ontario golden plums harvested earlier this year. We’ve added a touch of vanilla and spice to give a festive kick with a smooth finish. Expect medium acidity with a balanced sweetness.
BEAR WORSHIP - Blackberry / Raspberry : Barrel Aged Sour Ale w/ Raspberries & Blackberries • 8% ABV
8 oz $8.50 / 12 oz $12.50
The sixth rendition of Bear Worship is a blend of barrel aged golden sours aged on second use raspberries and blackberries. We left the carbonation soft to balance it's bright acidity. This vinous beer finishes dry and slightly tannic, with notes of stone fruit and a hint of funk.

WHITE LIES – RIESLING : Sour Ale w/ Riesling Grapes • 6% ABV
8 oz $5.25 / 12 oz $7.5
A white wine inspired ale, this sour ale is refermented with Riesling grapes and dry hopped with El Dorado.

PARADISE LOST - GUAVA COCONUT : Sour Ale w/ Guava & Coconut • 6.9% ABV
8 oz $5.25 / 12 oz $7.5
Drinks extremely soft with a perfect sour balance. Massive guava on the nose and palette, followed by lightly toasted creamy coconut.
AUTOPOP w/ White Grape, Stone Fruit, Citrus & Mint • 4% ABV
8 oz $4.75 / 12 oz $7
Our experimental low abv sour series “Auto Pop” is back and this time it’s white sangria! This rendition is soft and refreshingly tart with a healthy dose of white wine grapes, stone fruit, citrus and a touch of mint. If you're looking for something light and fruity we’ve got you covered.

8 oz $4.75 / 12 oz $7
Bringing you back to when your mom made your lunch. This sour ale takes inspiration from the finest fruit punches made. Slightly tart and brewed with cherry, pineapple, guava and orange zest.

PARADISE LOST - Guava, Banana & Pineapple : Sour Ale w/ Guava, Banana & Pineapple • 6.9% ABV
8 oz $5.5 / 12 oz $7.5
Paradise Lost has gone full summer mode. We brewed this rendition with copious amounts of guava, banana and pineapple. The pineapple punches through with a bright prickly acidity. The banana and guava act as support and create an extremely smooth mouthfeel. Expect juicy fruits with balanced acidity and a dry finish.

8 oz $5.5 / $7.50
This festive brew is a 50/50 split of barrel aged sour and fresh beer. The blend gives depth and balance to copious amounts of blueberry and is rounded out with a touch of vanilla and cinnamon. Think mulled wine and blueberry pie.

AUTOPOP - PASSION FRUIT : Sour Ale w/ Passionfruit • 4% ABV
8 oz $4.75 / $7
Our experimental low ABV sour series Autopop is back. This rendition is soft and refreshingly tart with a healthy dose of passion fruit. If you're looking for something light and fruity, we’ve got you covered.

ABATTOIR : Barrel Aged Farmhouse • 8.5% ABV
8 oz $6.5 / 12 oz $9.5
Abattoir is a mixed fermentation barrel aged farmhouse style ale. Dry hopped with El Dorado, this strong ale features aggressive Brettanomyces funk, mild oak, bright acidity and loads of pineapple and citrus fruit flavours.
8 oz $5.50 / 12 oz $7.5
This beer is straight out of the 2020 cruise wear line. Golden body, bright acidity and aromas of citrus and white wine. The combination of soursop and sabro give the body smoothness and a touch of coconut on the palate. Right when you forgot about the lychee it comes around the corner and finishes late on the palate.


DARK ‘N’ SOUR - BARREL AGED CHERRY : Barrel Aged Sour Stout w/ Cherries • 9% ABV
8 oz $8 / 12 oz $11.75
This sour stout was aged for one year in brandy barrels and refermented on whole Montmorency cherries. Expect a big hit of brandy up front with notes of dark fruit and raisin. The sweet finish is balanced by a fresh fruit acidity.
BLACK HAND : North American Stout • 7% ABV
8 oz $4.5 / 12 oz $6.5
Brewed with cocoa husk and a complex combination of roasted malts, this bold stout is rich and full bodied with layers of chocolate and espresso.

GUILTY REMNANT : White Stout w/ Coffee, Vanilla, and Lactose • 6% ABV
8 oz $4.75 / $6.75
This white stout is brewed with all the elements of a traditional stout without any roasted malts. Instead, we infuse this decadent, full-bodied ale with vanilla, locally roasted coffee, cocoa tea and lactose to provide delightful aromas of coffee and white chocolate.

BALAM - Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout • 11% ABV
8 oz 8.5 / 12 oz $12.5
Balam was our first brand of bourbon barrel aged stouts. Our 2020 blend comes mostly from Knob Creek barrels. It's infused with a combination of smoked malts, coffee, and vanilla. Expect a big and boozy aroma with layers of chocolate, coffee and bourbon.

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