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Blood Brothers Brewery is situated in a renovated hundred-year-old horse stable in the Geary Avenue arts district. We seat 50 comfortably indoors and have additional patio seating for 50 in the warmer months. Expect up to 19 of our beers on tap, exquisite comfort food provided by Beast, and bottleshop fridges full of cold cans & bottles for takeaway.



BLOOD LIGHT • Session Pale Ale • 4% ABV
This pale ale features a bold tropical fruit aroma, a result of being jam-packed with juicy Citra and El Dorado hops. The soft but assertive bitterness is balanced by a healthy dose of flaked oats and wheat in the grain bill.

Shumei is highly aromatic, boasting ripe mangos and stone fruit.  The palate is impressively smooth with hints of citrus and a refined bitterness.

TRANSHUMAN • Pilsner-ish w/ H. Blanc & Cashmere • 5% ABV
Transhuman (formerly Trans Human State)  is our ongoing experimentation with the world of Lagered beers. We have magnified the bitterness to balance perfectly with a soft mouthfeel and bready malt backbone, then dry-hopped this brew with Hallertau Blanc and Cashmere to provide aromas and flavours of fresh lemon, lime, and a touch of melon. This is an evolved beer at the pinnacle of flavour achievement, and one we are quite proud of.

DESPECIATION - CENTENNIAL, CITRA & SIMCOE • IPA w/ Centennial, Citra & Simcoe • 6.0% ABV

Despeciation is our local hoppy series: by using a majority of Ontario ingredients we are establishing our belief that we can indeed “build it here”, that eastern Canada has the ability to produce the highest quality grains, yeast, and hops. Our time is gonna come, in other words. In the meantime, enjoy a full-bodied IPA with notes of pineapple & melon and a light finish of orange pith for a perfectly balanced bitterness.

BLOODVAR •  Pilsner-ish • 5% ABV
Reacquaint yourself with our flagship crisp sipper: our pils is back! While the world was taking a break, we reworked our Bloodvar to be closer to a classic Czech style, with its full, soft body of bready malts and a hefty punch of Saaz hops for harmony. The ultimate refresher after a long day working for the man.

KEG DEALS : Pale Ale w/ Citra, Cryosimcoe, Cashmere & Motueka •
5.5% ABV
Another experimental series from the Blood Brothers creative laboratory, Keg Deals and Kickbacks is continually pushing the envelope of what is possible with a pale ale recipe format. This is where we get excited about the full potential of non-intuitive hops and malt pairings, a sort of proving ground of flavour possibilities farther out on the margins of the brewing industry palate. Be prepared for flavour profiles of the future and delightful surprises. This recipe builds pine, apricot & citrus hop notes over a medium dry full body and the result is a pretty stellar beer, if we may be so humble.


CUNNING OF HAND IIPA • IIPA w/ Phantasm, Citra Incognito, Mosaic Spectrum & Cryo El Dorado • 8% ABV
Cunning of Hand is an ongoing exploration at the forefront of brewing evolution: by experimenting with new technology at the leading edge of science, while keeping one foot still in the traditional brewing world, a vital new practice is being forged. In this continuing spirit of exploration, we’ve turned this Cunning into a double IPA! This edition’s juicy aroma is of tropical fruits & citrus and is bursting with balanced hop character. Add to this a full body and medium-to-full sweetness and this is a beer of staggering taste.

INNER EYE : Pale Ale • 5.5% ABV
Dry hopped with Citra, Simcoe and Cascade, The Inner Eye is a full flavoured, easy drinking pale ale. It boasts a large bouquet of tropical fruit and citrus while keeping bitterness low to improve drinkability. The palate is soft and full, finishing medium dry to accentuate it's juicy qualities.

PUMA KLAUE : Vienna Lager • 5% ABV
Traditionally, harvest is a time to reflect upon the season of growth that was, and to honour friends, family and the occasional well-behaved colleague. And in true Blood Brothers fashion, our Octoberfest beers come on their own schedule (not during traditional Octoberfest and nor from traditional recipes). A collaboration with Slake Brewing, Puma Klaue is an easy drinking and crispy affair with a low sweetness, a medium dry body with a toasty malt, a rounded bitterness and a light, fruit finish. With a crisp Vienna lager in hand, what better way is there to toast the season that was, and tip our hats to the seasons to come? None we can think of. Proust!

BLAU BRAU : Pilsner w/ Tettnanger & Saaz • 5% ABV
Blood Brothers set out to make the ultimate Octoberfest pilsner, but ended up settling for its second cousin (because let’s be honest, we aren’t known for following strict recipes): a fabulous crispy brew we are calling Blau Bräu. Rife with aromas of baking bread and crackers, flavours of fresh honey and a medium body & slightly dry finish, this beer ends with a perfect lingering bitterness upon the palate. A super drinkable pilsner that is so clear, one can see the future through the glass. And the future is good! Especially with a couple more Blau Bräus under our belts. Double proust!!

This Pils is made with 100% Ontario malt that is malted locally by Barn Owl Malt. It has a light straw and bready flavour with a hint of sweetness that finishes with an appropriate bitterness. We take our time with each batch by lagering it for six weeks and carbonating it naturally.


WHITE LIES - NELSON & SIMCOE • Sour Ale w/ White Wine Blend, Nelson & Simcoe • 6.9% ABV
Our hybrid sour ale, White Lies is refermented on a white grape blend and dry hopped with our favourite hops, boosting the aroma to perfectly compliment the wine base. No lie: this brew is the ultimate thirst quencher of the summer.

The latest session sour Autopop is a veritable flavour bouquet of white grape, lime, orange, peach & strawberry: like a Dutch master’s perfectionist still life tableaux of the palate. The last stroke of the brush? A hint of mint. Magnifique.

AUTOPOP - TAHITI TREAT • Sour Ale w/ Cherries & Tahitian Treat • 4% ABV
Our experimental low ABV sour series Autopop is back! This rendition was fermented on sweet cherries and conditioned on Tahitian Treats. Expect a touch of sweetness with a restrained sour finish.

We brewed our Paradise Lost sour ale and fermented it on copious amounts of cherry. We aged the beer on a blend of spices to create flavours reminiscent of cherry pie and mulled wine. Pairs well with après ski, fire pits, crisp air and good company.

PARADISE LOST - FIVE EHLIVE • Sour Ale w/ Citrus • 6.9% ABV
We took our Paradise Lost base and added a nutritious, delicious blend of five citrus fruit flavours. Mornings, noons, and nights will never be the same again, with the restorative powers of this splashy elixir. Five EhLive has the citrus zing that makes you feel EhLive!



HOLY  GHOST - CHERRY LIMEADE • Hard Seltzer w/ Cherry & Lime • 5.0% ABV
This ain’t your grandma’s seltzer! This round of Holy Ghost was fermented on cherries and lime: expect a full flavoured, off-dry and juicy seltzer, the perfect compliment to a summer’s day or night. Maybe even both.

HOLY GHOST - WATERMELON LIME • Hard Seltzer w/ Watermelon & Lime • 5.0% ABV
This round of Holy Ghost was fermented on watermelon and lime: expect a full flavoured, off-dry and juicy seltzer. 


REVEL : TERRA - Farmhouse Pear & Apple  Cider • 7% ABV • 12 OZ  


WHITE : ROSEWOOD Follow the White Rabbit • 13% ABV • 5 oz GLASS 
RED : ROSEWOOD Looking Glass • 13% ABV • 5 oz GLASS 




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