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Dessert Stout w/ Chocolate, Bananas, Graham Cracker & Toffee • 10% ABV

We brewed this decadent, full bodied imperial stout with boat-loads of chocolate, salted toffee and graham cracker, then aged it in Basil Hayden & Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels for 12 months and then finished this beast off with bananas and Hale Noir coffee beans. We kept the adjuncts in check to make the true flavour of the barrels shine through. This might be the best dessert stout you’ll ever drink, or our name is not Willy Wonka.

B.B.A Imperial Stout w/ Brown Butter & Coffee • 10% ABV

The most important things in life (bourbon, butter, coffee and beer) have come together for a monumental occasion: this thick and viscous stout was aged in buffalo trace barrels for 15 months, washed with brown butter and aged on whole bean coffee from Sam James. This gentle giant finishes with just the perfect amount of rich mouthfeel.  We’d step into the ring for a Butterbeans any day of the week!

CONTAINS NUTS (w/ Third Moon)
Peanut Punch • 5% ABV

Spoiler alert: this is the thickest beer we’ve ever made! It tastes just like the indulgent juice box we all know and love, but one that’s crafted with our neutral ale and then absolutely crammed with delicious and hefty peanut flavour. This is ground zero for peanut, folks. The nut-intolerant need not apply for this one.

CRÉME DE LA CRÉME (w/ Brewskey )
Smoothie Sour w/ Orange, Tangerine, Cream & Vanilla • 4% ABV

Why make a beer that tastes like a creamsicle when you can just make a creamsicle beer? A perennial question over here, believe it or not. Made with blood orange, tangerine, heavy cream and Madagascar vanilla beans over our sour base, the CRÉME DE LA CRÉME is truly the cream of the crop: only the best for you, dear friends.

FRESH POW (w/ Badlands)
IIPA w/ Nectaron & Riwaka & freeze dried Mango, Papaya & Pineapple • 8% ABV

(Beer nerd alert): we used freeze-dried fruits high in thiol precursors and fermented with a thiolized yeast to unleash the full potential of this experimental IIPA, creating intense layers of tropical fruit just bursting out of the can. We brewed a full bodied, next level soft beer as a delivery vehicle for this tropical fruit goodness and then dry hopped the brew with Riwaka and Nectaron to really push the intensity of the fruit into full and glorious citrus overdrive. 

HELLA (w/ Barncat)
Triple West Coast IPA w/ Citra • 10% ABV

This simple TIPA is hella big: two-row barley and Citra were used in this mighty brew, in order to give it the largest expression possible of the classic west coast profile. Like the west it’s big, wide, and you gotta control your horses. You heard it here first, partner.

PASTURE OF THE SPICE (w/ Small Pony Barrelworks)
Smoothie Sour w/ Carolina Reapers, Passion Fruit & Dragon Fruit • 4% ABV

Our shared passion for spice & ponies brought us together! This bright orange and low-funk sour has the heat that makes your head warm and just the right amount of sweetness to drive the smoothie truck home - like right to your front door. Hear that knocking? That’s us. Cheers.

SACRILEGE (w/ Bellwoods)
Dessert Smoothie Sour / Banana Coconut Cream Pie • 4% ABV

Have you ever tried to drink a Coconut Banana Cream Pie? Consider this your gustatory green light: thick and unctuous, with mounds of Banana and Coconut Cream blended with sour ale and a touch of graham cracker goodness, Sacrilege is your new dessert island beer!

SHAKE OVER ICE (w/ Propeller)
Vietnamese Coffee on Nitro •  5% ABV

What’s better than coffee? Vietnamese-style coffee on nitro with an undetectable adult bonus. Made with Propeller’s El Palto, an organic single origin Peruvian bean and our neutral ale, the Shake Over Ice is your new best friend for all events and endeavours, be it sunup or sundown, every coffee lovers dream.

SOURBET (w/ Slake)
Guava & Lemon Sorbet Gose • 4% ABV

This delightful frozen drink is as silky smooth as the day is long: white guava, lemon & lime over our sour base and brewed to be eaten from the can! It’s the dessert you’ve always wanted and never knew to ask for: well now you know. Bon appetite. 

THE CRAIC WAS 90 (w/ Dominion City)
Nitro Dry Stout • 4% ABV

Ever had an “imported Irish stout” and find it’s just missing a little something? We’ve been known to ruminate on such things. Therefor, we’ve corrected this injustice by crafting a classic dry stout on nitro with a touch more body & roast to satisfy the curious palette. How do you improve on a classic? You give it the MOPAR touch, naturally. Welcome to your new daily hot rod: sleek, black, and impossible to give up.

Triple East Coast IPA w/ Mosaic, El Dorado & Simcoe 11% ABV

We seem to be on a roll making big, hoppy beers together and this was the perfect opportunity to do it again! All our favourite classic hops in a slamming TIPA that’ll make your head spin clean off, with juicy notes of guava and mango floating on a balanced & low bitterness body of gold. The easiest drinking triple IPA we’ve ever made, making it both delicious and dangerous: which is also our middle names, strangely.

IIPA Dry Hopped w/ YCH Mosaic, Citra & Simcoe • 8% ABV

IIPA Dry Hopped w/ YCH Super Top Secret Unreleased Liquid Extracts i.e. YCH701 • 8% ABV

Our two YCH collaborations feature some of our current favourite hops: Mosiac, Simcoe and Citra. Our Trill version uses all T90 pellets and features the deep bag of all the Trill magic tricks you know and love. The Cunning of Hand version is the same base beer with the addition of YCH 701, using new technology and experimental products in order to test the boundaries of hop saturation. We recommend tasting both side by side, in order to parse the flavour potential of new tech in an industry almost as old as mankind. Exciting stuff!